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If you are one of the millions of workers who have used, or been required to use, an umbrella company at any time in the last six years, then register your claim with us. We aim to seek redress against those umbrella companies and/or agencies who have wronged you by making unlawful deductions from your remuneration.
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1. Have you suffered the deduction of employer’s costs, such as Employers’ National Insurance Contributions, apprenticeship levy or employers’ workplace pension costs?

2. Do you suspect you have been deprived of any holiday pay entitlement?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to either of the above, then you may well have a claim and should

Why Choose Umbrella Reclaim?

Full UK coverage

Our investigations have revealed that it has been a common practice for umbrella companies in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to make unlawful deductions of employers’ costs from their workers’ remuneration. We aim to assist those workers, by seeking redress against those umbrella companies, and/or other relevant entities, who have wronged them.

Flexible terms

We have two options for you to choose from:-

Option 1: Pay a discounted one-off registration fee of £99 (including VAT) when you register, to cover the administration phase, and pay a success fee of 25% plus VAT based on any award you receive.
Register for Option 1

Option 2: Pay no fee (£0.00) for the administration phase, but pay a success fee of 40% plus VAT from any award you receive.
Register for Option 2

Register in under 2 minutes

Simply go to the registration page choose one of the above two options, click the appropriate button and fill out the short questionnaire. We have made the process as simple and as straightforward as possible for you.

Benefit 1

SKILLED LEGAL TEAM: with extensive experience of employment disputes and commercial litigation.

Benefit 2

NO WIN/NO FEE BASIS: you will be offered a damages based agreement prepared on this basis.

Benefit 3

SUBSTANTIAL COMPENSATION: you may be able to claim compensation of some £8,000 to £133,000 (based upon an annual salary of between £20,000 and £150,000).

Benefit 4

ANONYMITY: maintain your anonymity until the last moment. Your identity will not be revealed until you consent in writing.

Complete Anonymity

We appreciate that many workers will not wish their umbrella companies to know that they propose to seek the recovery of moneys from them. We intend to keep their identities confidential until the last possible moment. There will be some who do not have that problem and they will be the lead claimants of their groups. The identities of the others will have to be disclosed when proceedings are about to be issued, which may well be some time away, by when they may have made other employment arrangements. In any event, no one’s identity will be disclosed without their prior written consent.