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How Umbrella Reclaim Works

Throughout the United Kingdom, it is unlawful for employers, including umbrella companies to deduct Employers’ National Insurance Contributions (NICs), Apprenticeship Levy, Employers’ workplace pension costs, Holiday pay from a worker’s (employee’s) gross pay. (See HMRC’s Employment Status Manual (ESM 2390): Employers, which includes umbrella companies, cannot by law deduct employer’s NICs from a worker’s gross pay.).

Umbrella Reclaim™ will assist workers in reclaiming moneys unlawfully deducted from their remuneration. These claims may be very substantial.

Umbrella Reclaim™ is currently building a client base of individuals affected by this scandal, and is considering the most appropriate and cost-effective way to seek compensation, by group legal action against umbrella companies and entities with liability for directing claimants to such companies.

You may be eligible to claim thousands of pounds in compensation as an umbrella company contractor/worker (normally covering the period of six years prior to the claim).

Initially, in the administration phase, Umbrella Reclaim TM will be collating information about workers who are prospective claimants by asking them to register and send in details of the deductions that have unlawfully been made by their umbrella companies from their remuneration. Those deductions will form the basis of the claims, with the intention that the claims be brought together as part of a group claim or claims against the relevant umbrella company or companies

Group Claims are generally considered to be the most cost-effective way of seeking redress in such circumstances. Each group would apply to the court for a Group Litigation Order (“GLO”). Read about GLOs here.

The registration fee is a contribution to the cost of collating registrants’ details, identifying the claim(s) to facilitate the allocation of registrants to their appropriate groups.

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