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Privacy and Cookies Policy

Date of last revision : September 29,2020

Policies and Practices and your Rights as a Visitor to the Websites of  McFaddens LLP and Umbrella Reclaim  

  1. We value your privacy. As a result, any personal data processing is made strictly in accordance with applicable data protection laws, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We would therefore like to provide you with certain information about the data we process in our dealings with you.

Collection Of Information From Site Visitors

  1. We may collect and/or track and aggregate: home server domain names; email addresses; information knowingly provided by visitors on online forms, registration forms, surveys, polls, and our online store (including demographic and personal profile data); and user-specific information about which pages visitors access.

Security Commitment

  1. We intend to keep your information secure and use employ electronic, physical and procedural safeguards and best practices to protect your information. Nevertheless, due to the nature of the Internet We cannot fully guarantee that your information will never be unlawfully intercepted or accessed.

Use of Collected Data

  1. Personal data collected may be used for analysis and feedback purposes, in the pursuance of your legal business, statistical analysis of users’ behaviour, product development, content and layout improvement, and to inform business partners. Information may also be made available to contractors as needed for maintenance of our systems/infrastructure.

Online Credit Card Purchases

  1. We do not retain, make public, sell, or otherwise distribute clients’ credit card information.

Sharing of Email Addresses With Outside Companies

  1. We do not share sell, or otherwise distribute email addresses collected on our website with companies not directly retained by or partnering with us in the pursuance of your claim.

Special Provisions For 3rd-Party Content

  1. We may from time to time send email messages to you about outside companies’ products and services that We believe would be of interest to you. We will provide you the ability to opt out of future email messages from these outside companies and will provide you their privacy policies. We are not responsible for the privacy policies or opt-out practices of any outside company.

Your Right To Opt Out

  1. You may opt out of having your personal data used for secondary purposes, disclosed to third parties, or used to send promotional correspondence to you by contacting us via postal mail, email or telephone at the contact addresses provided on our website. We do our best to exclude from contact lists those customers who choose to opt out. However, we cannot guarantee that every variation on the name, spelling, and/or address will be identified and suppressed. There may also be variants relating to the manner in which we use customer information that cannot be reliably suppressed. To opt out of receiving marketing contacts via email, postal mail, or telephone, please email your request to .

Our Right To Contact Users

  1. We reserve the right to contact site visitors regarding our work, their account status and changes to the subscriber agreement, privacy policy or any other policies or agreements relevant to site visitors.

Changes To Privacy Policy

  1. By visiting this website, you agree to accept all terms and conditions outlined in this privacy policy.
  2. We reserve the right to change this policy from time to time without notice.


  1. We do not use “cookies” on our website.